5 Ways to Impart Social & Emotional Learning in Children

Imparting self-awareness, communication skills and the wisdom to control one’s emotion and behaviour in children are as important as learning maths and history. Do you also agree when we say it’s a great idea to embed children with social and emotional learning along with formal education?

If yes, check out a few interesting ways in which you can develop this social and emotional learning in your pupils.

Journal Writing

If children can write about the happenings in there life every day, then parents and teachers can use it to understand what their kids are going through. For example, if a kid had an urge to fight with a classmate, he /she can be asked the reason for it and given a lesson on non-violent solutions.

Class Discussions

Class discussions can be held every day in the morning to make children comfortable with each other. Let them discuss topics and come up with ideas to make things better in the classroom, ask them to cheer each other up.

This exercise will develop a sense of togetherness in them and they will learn to work with each other.

Discuss Diversity

The world is full of a diverse range of people with different abilities, background, and socioeconomic culture. Children should be taught how to respect differences so that they become better citizens when they grow up.

Encourage Self-inspection

After each and every task, ask children to undertake self-inspection of the task to find how they could have done it better. This will help them asses their progress and find new ways to do things better and help them throughout their lives.


Practising mindfulness can help children calm down at any moment, manage their emotions positively, access instant happiness, and focus on one thing at a time.

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