Check Out The Apps, e-Books & Podcasts For Kids by NASA

NASA has stood as the symbol of excellence in space research for decades and continues to be the best space research organization in the world. Apart from this, NASA is also known for providing exceptional insight into the wonders of the universe through its apps, ebooks, and virtual tours, which have ultimately turned out to be interesting learning tools for children.

Here’s a long list of helpful resources, especially recommended by NASA, that can be used to keep children entertained while they’re on their voyage to discover new information!


Mobile apps have turned out to be an excellent way to impart knowledge in kids, provided we manage the screentime. NASA has its own range of mobile apps that can be useful for educating children. Download link:

The NASA app has some of the finest collections of images and videos, NASA television content, on-demand videos, solar system exploration features, podcasts, news and features stories, etc. The app is available for both iOS and Android.

2. NASA Selfies

Who doesn’t enjoy taking selfies? Let’s kids take selfies dressed in a spacesuit and with wonderful backgrounds from around the cosmos. Let them feel like an actual Astronaut!

3. Exoplanet Excursions Vr

VR tours are widely cherished by children as they give access to a guided tour of the TRAPPIST-1 planetary system.

4. Spacecraft AR (Augmented Reality)

It gives a great learning experience by putting 3-D models of NASA’s space robots on a flat surface.


NASA also provides a range of well-crafted e-books for children who have an active interest in reading. Download link:

‘Earth’ is one of the most wonderful books with visually refreshing images and comprehensive text to give children a new perspective on our planet.

2. Hubble Focus: Galaxies through Space and Time

The e-book provides an insight into the cosmos through the eyes of the Hubble telescope. Packed with powerful images from around the universe, it’s recommended for children who are interested in astronomy.

3. Earth at Night

‘Earth at Night’ is a wonderful compilation of images supported by relevant text to give children a firsthand experience of the nightlights of earth.

4. The Saturn System Through the Eyes of Cassini

NASA’s Cassini-Huygents mission is one of its greatest achievements that provided us much valuable information about the ‘Saturn system’. The book is a collection of wonderful images and comprehensive text about the system to give children an idea about this unique planet.


Listening to informative podcasts can tickle the imagination of young ones and give them that perfect sense of wonder.

1. Welcome to the Rocket Launch

It is the official podcast of the Kennedy Space Centre (NASA). This podcast will give children an informative insight into the working of this highly-respected spaceport. Link:

2. This Week @NASA

The podcast presents a weekly video and audio highlights of NASA’s activities including launches, landings and spacewalks and also the recent developments and discoveries. Link:

3. Space to Ground

A weekly short podcast that gives highlights about the latest news and science from the International Space Station. Link:

4. NASA Explorers: Apollo

The audio series gives informative insights about the moon and the people who are busy exploring it. Link:

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