Fliplearn’s Divya Lal On How To Embrace Online Learning During Corona Outbreak

  1. Technology is here to stay! We cannot imagine classrooms going back to the original state.
  2. Even after the schools open, the technology is going to be in regular use because of the new schooling models of half week class being discussed. That means every day, online classes will continue to exist. Also, the reopening might happen for only middle or senior schools and not primary.
  1. It is an encrypted platform.
  2. Schools have complete control over those who wish to log in. One’s stay and removal are decided by the host — the school, in this case.
  3. A full charge of the admin dashboard is provided.
  4. There is tight security, we haven’t had a single breach issue since we have launched.
  1. It’s a personalised online education system.
  2. Every engagement is tracked here.
  3. Webinars that we do every day can be easily attended to get more details from within the field.
  4. Assessment models vary from very simple to complicated yet are thorough, don’t limit to MCQs.



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