Kashmir’s Unique Bookstore on Lake Donates Books to Isolated People

Corona spread is tragic and so is watching the beautiful valley of Kashmir completely empty without a tourist in sight. Amidst all this chaos, it’s heartwarming to see Gulshan Books, a publishing house and bookstore, that came to the intellectual and rationale aid for those quarantined.

The bookstore has donated a thousand books to the quarantine centres of the state where the students, who arrived from different affected countries, are living in isolation at the moment. The owners of the bookstore felt that it’s necessary to feed their brains and keep them engaged during the tough times.

“We are utterly happy to have donated 1,000 books to all those who have been kept at different quarantine centres in the valley. We are trying our best to help them open the doors of knowledge to enlighten their minds in this strenuous time,” told Sheikh Maied, son of the owner Sheikh Aijaz Ahmed, to Economic Times.

“Since the UT faces internet issues regularly, depending on it doesn’t make sense anymore. So, it’s always good to go old school with books,” shared a resident with ScooNews.

The books have been packed in cartons and handed over to Srinagar Deputy Commissioner. The titles include bestsellers and classics such as Gone with the Wind by Margarett Mitchell, The Diary of Anne Frank, Words About to Fall by Dr. Sanjay Parva, The Chronicles of Exile series, books by Sidney Sheldon and Daniel Steel, and much more.

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