Lockdown Learning Repository: Curated Resource App For Educational Organizations

With the sudden shift to virtual learning, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that the educational world was and is grappling to adapt to the new way of educating and learning. Recently, a consortium of educational organizations came together to curate the scattered pool of information under one roof.

We’re talking about the Lockdown Learning Repository, wherein educators can find resources that can help them adapt to virtual learning. “We have curated an all-encompassing open repository for all stakeholders in the education landscape,” says the team.

The team further shares, “This repository caters to all schools that are currently beginning their journey of virtual learning as well as schools that have built proficiency over the years. It provides relevant resources to teachers, students, school leaders, and parents for maximum learning, irrespective of the degree of access to technology or internet, rural-urban divide, or state-specific needs.”

We learned more about the repository with the team. Read below:

On the kind of data teachers and parents can expect in this repository:

All the curated resources are categorised as types: content and curriculum, classroom management, skill development, professional development of teachers, assessment and tech tools. Teachers, students, school leaders and parents can use the filter of grade/subject, as per their requirements. The resources range from research articles and tips to tools that will ease their virtual classroom experiences of the guided process, independent practice and formative assessments. The repository comprises of engaging resources for students to use the lockdown time to travel in virtual museums, learn about the sky and space, and create their beautiful digital portfolios.

On its availability and download:

lockdownlearning.glideapp.io/ is the link to the open and free repository. You only require a sign-in. If it is not a Gmail account, after you submit your e-mail address, you will receive a pin to sign-in. After logging in, you will see an option to add it as a bookmark to your phone’s app menu. This Glideapp does not take any phone space. On the browser, it appears like any other website.

On the ‘Add your resource’ button:

You may use the ‘Add your resource’ button to share resource links. Any lesson plan that worked really well for you, any video that helped students understand a concept seamlessly, or any other free resource website, please share with us and the world. We urge you to contribute to the repository, either through resources directly or a link to your database, if you already have one. Each organisation’s resources added to the repository will be attributed to them under the ‘Our Contributors’ tab.

Originally published at https://www.scoonews.com.