Taiwan Students Invent Lego Robots to Fight Corona

In a unique and wonderful initiative, students of Linyuan Elementary School in the southern Taiwanese city of Kaohsiung are fighting the corona pandemic through Lego Robot!

This robot dispenses alcohol-based disinfectants for the students to wash their hands and keep the deadly virus at bay. Children from the age group of 6 to 12 years are using every opportunity they get to wash their hands. The discipline that these children show while standing in the line is amazing and must be applauded.

The Lego Robot was built by students under the supervision of their Robotics coach. The most amazing feature of the robot is that it plays a pre-recorded voice that says ‘ Washing hands is super ‘ to cheer up the children and keep their spirits high.

The Robot also has an ultrasonic sensor to detect hands and spray the disinfectant on them. The spray bottle is attached to the robot and a motor wheel pulls back its handle when the sensor detects human hands. The younger students crafted some excellent scenes portraying the different situations demanding the washing of hands that includes a flower garden, an operating table, and a toilet.

The idea of teaching the fundamental concept of Robotics to students came after the Fukushima nuclear disaster of Japan. Since this innovative school lies in an industrial area that is primarily dedicated to petrochemical industries, the faculty thought of starting an initiative with the vision of teaching children ‘basic problem solving’ in case of an industrial tragedy.

Linyuan Elementary School has a history of representing Taiwan in many international competitions and also bringing home several prizes by the virtue of an excellent Robotics Club. The story shall inspire other schools to promote innovation in order to counter real-life problems that we might face in the future.

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